Providing education for refugee children

Providing education for refugee children

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Supports displaced communities through various educational programmes for refugee children and their parents.



Our goal is to create an inclusive community based on unity, freedom and love for all

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We aim to make a long-lasting impact, creating positive, permanent shifts in the quality of children's lives

To transform lives and create new possibilities of peace never thought possible

To empower and spread happiness and optimism

In June 2016 we founded our first school at Oinofyta Camp in Central Greece,
servicing a community of 400-650 refugees waiting for relocation and/or political asylum.  

The organisation started by providing equipment to local charities and volunteer groups helping the refugees arriving in the Aegean islands. 

Our first project was to provide Kos Solidarity in the island of Kos with shelves to make their warehouse functional.

We are a non-profit, non-religious, non-political and inclusive organisation
registered in the UK charity (No. 1166 247).  



We aim to give the best education all refugee children deserve through transformative learning that nurture full-self expression.

With a holistic approach, we address every child's educational needs. We provide the best facilities, equipment and teaching volunteers possible. 

Extra courses are offered when we have specialist volunteers running their own programmes which enrich the community with new skills and creativity. 

In the afternoons we teach English to parents who wish to enrol in higher-education.

We are also at the front of child protection and count with a full-time child protection officer and a child trauma therapist. We work closelywith local organisations and other charitable groups helping refugees.

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 The children go to Morning School and receive English and Math within a Core Curriculum. Other subjects such as science, IT literacy, gardening, music, art, social and health education are built around the basic subjects.

technical room

Technical ROOM

Twice a week, each class receives a one hour lesson with our five computers. This allows them to practice IT as well as play mathematical and english games to test their knowledge. 

Magic Dome


Thanks to our Summer 2016 Fundraiser, we raised over £2000 and were able to provide The Magical Dome of Delights. The two geodesic domes serve as a perfect learning space for two large group of students, and a safe warm environment in the winter months.



Thank you to our donors Isabelle and Mercedes Leguina for donating the libraries, and making this dream come true and bring more happiness to these children's lives.



We have 5 classrooms which include the two Magic Domes, for the youngest and oldest kids. Each class can hold up to 15 students, has plenty of light, and comes with air-conditioning units to keep the rooms cool in the hot summer months. 

Garden Sanctuary


We offer gardening lessons to all our students, which have proved popular after-school activities where children enjoy painting, planting and DIY activities.

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We have been blessed to receive different learning equipment and tools such as Ukulele for music class, art supplies, math's games to name a few. 



Would you like to come and join our team of volunteers?

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